Monday, April 25, 2011

Legal Issues With Fracking

Here's a short history of fracking, from the online Journal of Petroleum Technology:

Hydraulic Fracturing: History of an Enduring Technology.

It runs about sixteen pages.


  1. Great article. It says that fracking was first successfully performed in 1949, and that some estimates indicate that 60% of all wells drilled today use the process. I had no idea that fracking was so old or so widespread, and the fact that it is makes me wonder why it has suddenly grown so controversial.

    Is the fracking taking place in more sensitive locations? Are they using different, more harmful chemicals? Or has it always been this controversial and I've just never noticed?

  2. I think what's new about fracking is that it's being used to get natural gas, but I really need to do some more work on that.